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Did you miss Petland's 2008 East Coast Tour?
Here it is in a nutshell:

August 23rd 5:30 pm Delaware City: MUSIC IN THE PARK (download the flyer here!). This unique show featured two sets of music you dig (or dug...).The good people of Delaware City are trying to increase the visibility of their locale, in part by hosting festive picnic-like music shows right there on the waterfront, outside of the local bar affectionately called "Crabby Dick's." We had never been to Delaware City (and I have to admit I was skeptical about the whole thing) but it turned out to be a remarkably nice place. The waterfront and local establishments were very neat, clean and friendly and a great time was had by all. It's like an undiscovered Chesapeake City with lots of parking. Hopefully we'll get back soon.

March 20, MOJO 13, Wilmington, DE: Of four bands, Petland was the only one to feature vocals, making this a unique night in Petland history. A band from Iceland was given the entire $40 from the door, since they had the largest travel expenses of the evening. A great show nevertheless.

March 5, Deer Park Tavern MUSIKARMAGEDDON. Petland at 10pm, Atlas at 11:30: Petland played an hour set in only 40 minutes to vanquish the interlopers "Atlas" and claim the title of Best Band on the Delmarva Peninsula. The trophy was presented to Eric by none other than Tim Qualls, of the Tim Qualls Show. "The competition," noted Teather, "was weak; they were thin. They were small. They had moustaches and theremins." Rick added, "Yeah, we couldn't have played any better, unless of course, I was in tune."

January 30, 2008 The Kyber, Philadelphia: Good golly miss molly Petland tears it up in Philly in a blistering 30-minute power-set.  Six songs from the new album and one Petland classic were performed.

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