miss roboto - all music guide review

This album is quite a mix of sounds seeming to call to mind the new wave/ electronic movement of the '80s in almost equal measure with progressive rock leanings and the sounds of such people as David Bowie. Reflecting that progressive rock element, the arrangements here are quite full and creative and the album is very powerful. It is not your typical run-of-the-mill progressive rock. Expect to hear sounds as diverse as the aforementioned Bowie, Gary Numan, Hawkwind, Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, and Pink Floyd. The group even writes their own music for lyrics written by Cole Porter on one piece. The most frustrating part about reviewing this album is that all of the material is so strong and entertaining that it is virtually impossible to pick one or two cuts over the rest. ~ Gary Hill, All Music Guide

Petland-Miss Roboto Aiding & Abetting review
(self-released) reviewed in issue #222, 9/24/01

Fluid, thick poppy rock music with utterly brilliant hooks. Petland bops around on bright beats and singing guitars, slinging harmonies like they were peanuts at the ballpark.

Almost Britpop in the way the folks mix up styles and ideas into a peppy brio. And please don't get the idea that all this is utterly superficial. Just the opposite. Petland's songs have so much depth that it's hard to imagine how everything got crammed into such an attractive shell.

Petland's biggest attribute is its multiple lead singers. Male and female, and more than two at that. The variety of voices adds yet another layer to this intoxicating brew. And the whole shebang is wrapped up in this cool retro 80s techno sheen, a sharp, thick sound that really presents these songs well.

Hard to find a weak point, really, except on the commercial side. I dunno if the big boys are looking for a band that sounds like this. Which is too bad. This is great music, stuff that with the proper push oughta be able to break out big. It's pretty rare to find this kind of quality in music so ready for the masses. I'm dumbstruck.